The glaring plight of enrolling in a “University of choice”

Joining campus is momentous for any student. It comes with an array of excitement, a bundle of 'freedom' and a great deal of relief, particularly after the pressure to excel in academics and other co-curricular activities that characterise the final year of studies in secondary school.
With the raging emotions that extend a few months into the student's stay in college hides the boredom that soon sets in.  As such, ‘freshers’ often indulge into social ills such as drug abuse, alcoholism and even irresponsible sex - that they drag along into their entire college life.
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Never ask me about Love Never tell me about it I don’t want to know I am not interested It’s definitely beyond my comprehension
Never be nice to me Never!
Never stare into my eyes Never give me a smile Never beckon me Never would I want to know
Still working on my confidence Recollecting from the great shock Though believing and trusting I shall never repeat that mistake
But When I will have learnt about love When I will have known what it is I shall return all these stare, Into your eyes I shall smile back I shall tell you how much I care Through my actions, you shall know that; I cherish you, embrace you and Forever shall remain to love you
That day, That hour, that minute That second, that moment
When I will have known what love entails, The whole world shall know, That I have learnt to love.


Outwardly, a polished demeanour and ease of manner are the qualities you first notice when you meet Emmanuel Terer. Modulated orotund singsong tone pierces the ears when he speaks. Maisha yangu mtihani, kila kukicha walimwengu wanayasahihisha - that’s his brief definition of how his life has been since he was a toddler, reaching out for his dad's pants.

Emmanuel would gel well with the city ragamuffins except that his fate lie far from this folk. The finalist media studies student at Moi University braces our television screens at six o’clock with evening Swahili news at Kenya Television Services (KTS). ‘I have lived in the slums. I know whatever it takes to sleep on the cold floors .’

He has braved hostility in the slums, low self-esteem and neglect to emerge resilient. ‘I went through self-rehabilitation to come out of the slum.’ He tells.

End of slum party
Life in the slum is never a walk in the park. At times you go without food for a number of days, a situation that led him t…

SAMANTHA – the sex doll

Samantha! Samantha! Samantha!

I hear you are playful and charming. You get sexually excited as you’re touched. Furthermore, you interact with boy child in the most seamless way and get accustomed to him, until you climax together.

And, women are mad at this and, I understand their frustration. Well, this is despicable and hypocritical. What’s wrong with ladies using dildos and sex toys yet get mad at this?

Huh, this is a win –win scenario. I’m pretty sure; the girl child didn’t see their fate hang on such a cliff, this soon.

But, that aside, it is wrong. Our generation may perish soon and my soul is bleeding.
Sex is such an honorary act to be devalued. It’s ordained by God for the married. That is a man and a woman – human beings. It’s a psychological affair. If it is not a human-human thing then it is mere illusion and delusion.

Apart from the sexual pleasure, what else does a man benefit from this robotbae? Can you relate your intimate moments together?  Verily, men its high time w…


The sun is set, and the night’s arrived. It’s dark, so dark in deed that I miss the sunshine but it is well mommy that you are in deep slumber.

A moment of silence! Definitely, this isn’t adequate time to flashback on your deeds neither is it an accurate timing for the respect you deserve.

Just in a moment you departed, without notice, but why?  Wasn’t there another avenue? Well, you are long gone forever never to come back.  Your memories are a live to-date. Sure, life does not come with a manual but with a mom.

Sweet mother, you spiced up our life. For sure, the pleasure of having a mum is second to none.

At least I know what it takes to lose a mum. This might never be essence to you but wait until someone you dearly love dies; you’ll understand how it feels to miss a mum.
The roles you undertook are halted. Your compassion, love and care are what I miss. Mum your seat is empty. Wake up please; I need to see you once more.

A daughter from one of the celebrated sides of the lake sho…


"Am I speaking to Daniel?" These were the words when I received the phone call. It was about 1000 hrs of the day.
Our turf was under siege; gun shots left right and center. The Boinnet Boys - the anti-riot police struggling to restore peace and order. Scared Kenyans screaming to the top of their voices; the whole estate in total turmoil. They seemed not ready for whatever was happening; I included. His Enigma-ness was to hold a requiem service at this place for the departed 'heroes' during his homecoming
This phone call however seemed important. I didn't expect any call from anyone at that moment. And, I was literally struggling to hear everything from the caller. That notwithstanding, I didn't want to tell the caller to hang up. I don't know if he realized how frequent I said 'pardon'. Huh! Ishara thabiti

My only prayer was, let him not get upset. I didn't really get the directives. After about a minute, he asked if I could come to their office the …


“Usijisumbue kubeba tabia ukienda mjini, peleka tu mwili, tabia utazipata uko,” you’ll often hear such phrases from the village marketplaces in the countryside. They mainly advance in form of advisory pieces from the born-tao. Sooner than you’ll know its meaning, you’ll no longer be innocent but a casualty of naivety. These words always remind me of my premiere days in the university
I got to this university in the bush. I’ve just been admitted for my undergraduate studies…Moi … Woi University. As a fresher, I only had one friend. She’s in University of Eldoret. I reported to the institution on Monday, she recalls. Hardly a week later, I’m invited for a party by this crony, ka-form kalitoklezea. Venue- club 411. Who was I to turn down such a wonderful offer? This was a mega chance to do away with the boredom. For who doesn’t know the stress, frenzy and loneliness attached to being in a foreign land for the first time?
Long thread… it’s the day I lost my shoe.
There was traffic jam that n…